Formula economy C-022

Classification according to EN 12004. Adhesive cement Formula Economy C-022 is a highly elastic (S1), floatable product with standard working time. (T), used for indoor and outdoor work (CO).
Available: 3400
Weight: 25
Category: External Use

Area of application: adhesive cement based on cement is used for internal and external works, for laying small ceramic and ceramogranite tiles. Maximum thickness from 11 mm to 15 mm. It can also be used on uneven surfaces that do not require prior alignment. The product is suitable for stacking different types of blocks, including Itong - for internal and external walls. The product is also used to work on heat insulation materials, anti-noise panels, gypsum-cardboard surfaces.

Composition: Formula Economy C-022 is a gray loose mass, presented in 25-kilogram bags. The product consists of cement, high-quality sand, mineral and special additives. The dosage of the ingredients is developed and controlled in the laboratory of the dry mix enterprise "Formula".

Features: After mixing with water, it is characterized by:

  • Low viscosity, easy flow;

  • Thixotropy;

  • Strong contractions;

  • Volume stability;

  • Standard working hours.

Not used: on wood and similar materials, metal, rubber, marble, natural and artificial stone surfaces.

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